Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dear Sunday,
     Thank you for the lovely afternoon.  The day started out most wretchedly (as usual) as we struggled, wrangled and rushed to get to 8 am church.  I was left feeling flustered and mighty stressed by the time we sat down in our seats, late of course.  But after some uplifting talks and classes, I began to feel better.  Then in the afternoon, the Mr. and I lounged on our glorious hammock (aka trampoline) while the boys played and wrestled, we munched on Circus Animal cookies, I had a 20 min nap on the couch, and the family had a nice walk with only minor whines and complaints about legs hurting and length of said walk.

In the end, it turned out quite nice.

Sincerely, Me

Dear House,

     You stink.  Literally.  There are dirty dishes, overflowing laundry, a stinky (and full) garbage can, clutter and chaos everywhere.  Your baseboards and doors need to be repainted desperately... this time with a gloss finish so they can actually be cleaned.  The grout in the kitchen needs a deep cleaning and sealing.  And almost every one of your rooms is a mess, varying from slightly cluttered to utterly disastrous.  Also, I am really tired of all your closet doors falling off their tracks.  It bugs the kiddies when they're trying to get dressed...and it really bugs me when I try to put them back on.

Sincerely Overwhelmed,


Dear Aphids,

     Please, please, please leave my bushes alone.  You are gross and give me nightmares.  Plus you are killing my pretty plants.  If you do not leave at once, I will be forced to take serious action against you.  You have been duly warned...

Sincerely Overwhelmed and Disgusted,



  1. 8 A.M. CHURCH??? You've GOT to be going to the wrong one. Time to switch. :)

    P.s. - Lady bugs LOVE to eat aphids. We buy a bucket of them every spring and turn them loose on our rose bushes. They work like a charm. :)

  2. I like you too, Ang.

    And T...I want to buy ladybugs. Do you just buy them at Home Depot or something??

  3. Dear sis,
    You crack me up! I would paint your baseboards and reseal your tile for you when I come to live by you. But I draw the line at aphids...yuck. They make me shiver.


  4. Dear E,
    Crack out that semi gloss paint and we'll paint your baseboards while I'm there. Plan on little to zero sleep and we'll get your cupboards done as well. You're going to miss me so much more when I have to leave, but no worries you can come visit anytime you want.

  5. I must comment that, in my experience, your version of unclean and untidy, is most people's example of clean and tidy.

  6. Dear Anon(aka Hubby),

    You have to say things like that. You're married to me!

    Dear Jo and Marci,

    I will not forget your promises of help. So...get ready for some serious painting!


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