Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He's Crafty Too

My hubby just doesn't like to admit it... but he frequents stores like Michael's and likes to check the craft section at Walmart.  It's one thing we have in common...craft supplies.  He is always on the lookout for feathers, sparkly thread, craft foam and beads.  He ties flies to pass the time, to blow off steam, and as I like to tell fuel his creative flame!  He ties flies from patterns and he even makes his own creations...which he likes to name.  And when he names one, he comes rushing to me with an ear-to-ear grin to show me his latest masterpiece with a clever name.   

This here is the Patriot Prince... it comes from a group of prince nymph flies.

And here is the HHS Tiger.

Next we have another version of the Patriot Prince.

This one really looks like a fly, eh?!  Kinda gives me the shivers.

The red, white and blue one is Captain America.

I wanted to take pictures of some of his many thousands (not even kidding... he has so many) of flies for a birthday gift, but I do not (yet) own a macro lens.  I remembered that my little point-and-shoot camera came equipped with a macro setting, and decided I'd give it a shot.  It ended up working pretty darn snchazzy with a bit of patience, perseverance and a steady hand.  And it was kinda fun to try something completely different.    Anyway, then I printed my favorites off and maybe we'll frame them in his office or something.  I dunno.  But they're cool.

And the flies are teeny tiny, which made photographing them quite tricky.  I'm not used to working with such minuscule subjects.  Now for a quick that fly...


  1. My dad was appalled at the price of fies for his angling hobby, and currently owns a FRIGGIN FORTUNE in what my mom endearingly refers to as his, "Flying Furry Rat-Butt!" Pheasant wings and all sorts of nonsense. They go toe to toe on who has extracted the most money for their hobby, the flies, or the quilting...

  2. Dude! Those are impressive! When I saw the variety of designs, I thought, "He should design helicopters - REAL ones!" He's got talent!

  3. Okay, I was thinking they were like two or three inches. They're tiny. Great shots! Too funny about the Hubs and the craft section. D wouldn't have a clue.

  4. Patriot Prince, and just so you know your finger prints are creeping me out right now.

  5. PS I'm impressed by Landon's handiwork, honestly on something that tiny that's C-R-A-Z-Y.


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