Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Treat and School's Out

I was hungry for a good treat the other day, so I started scavenging.  I found some fresh raspberries, peach yogurt, and some leftover cake pieces in the freezer that I had saved for some future trifle, or cake balls, or something.  I threw them all together to create my own personal mini trifle and it was quite exquisite.  That's my kind of scavenger hunt.  And luckily it was a successful hunt.  I've had other, very unsuccessful hunts where I end up with stuff like a piece of bread, some frozen peas and a few baby carrots...and then I just give up.

Q has been scavenging for snacks too, although his foraging usually includes massive messes, like eating out of the bucket of honey, ending in honey dribbles throughout the house (luckily the downstairs is all tile), finding a 2-liter bottle of root beer and somehow taking the lid off and then pouring some in a cup...and on the counter, and on the floor and on himself.  He was also very upset the other day when I removed all the eggs from the carton and put them in the "egg area" in the refrigerator.  He said they wanted to be in their house.  Later I found him on a stool with the fridge open (even though I had tied it shut), taking the eggs out one by one and putting them back in the egg carton.  Sheesh.  Luckily he didn't break a single one.  That kid keeps us on our toes.  He is so busy.

And in other news, my big kiddies are out for summer.  We have our chore charts implemented (although I need to add to it), we are signed up for Summer Movies, we have made a list of activities (city pool, crafts, library, ice cream trips, sprinklers and otter pops, etc.), reunions and vacations are scheduled, and I need to make some sort of schedule for worksheets, reading, etc.  Anyone have any good ideas?

My summer plans include some major home decorating and deep cleaning/organizing.  I may be crazy to try and do anything ambitious while they are all home...but still...I am going to try...and I am also going to make them help me... probably.


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. I really like the bottom one. You are such a great mother... all ready for a great summer. It makes me want to come hang out at your house... maybe I will get somethings done and get a little sun too!:)

  2. You go, girl! Think about all of the money Q is going to make for you when he has some ritzy, high-tech spy job. :~D

  3. d.r.o.o.l. I did a scavenger hunt in my fridge once... I found a slimy cucumber that had been forgotten :O) Maybe I need to get more creative! Love your mini trifle! Penny would be proud of the styling too!

  4. Glad to hear Q is following in Dennis' footsteps with honey and such. I would not like a treat of peas and carrots when I'm visiting and I guess I'll help you with some projects while I'm there, because I'm nice....


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