Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Things

I have two things I would like to share with you today.  First...Q and I were hanging out when the following conversation took place.  It struck me as quite hysterical.

Q:  Now where is my hammer? (said in his cutest 2-year-old voice with lisp and no r's)

Me:  Is it downstairs in your purse?

Q:  Mmm hmmm, I got eveetheen in my purse.  (after running downstairs to retrieve the purse)

Doesn't everyone carry a hammer in their purse?

To be fair, he does like containers of all wagons, shoe boxes, empty Mr. Potato Head bodies, bags, backpacks and etc.  Not just purses.  He likes to put all his "stuff" in them...puzzle pieces (he loves puzzles), trains, Mr. Potato Head parts, and other random toys.  Oh and his hammer...his toy hammer.  That thing is always coming in handy, such as when he needs to get a stubborn puzzle piece in place, when he needs help putting an ear in the top of a Mr. Potato Head, or when he feels like randomly banging on things and yelling, "Bam, bam!"  Such a diverse tool.  And so it must be kept close at hand with other special items...which is why, I'm guessing, the purse is so perfect.  It has handles you know.  And a zipper.  He loves zippers.

And is a photo for your enjoyment.  Check out Mr. C mid-sneeze.  I love how his little ear looks detached too...soo funny.  Really.  It makes me laugh EVERY single time I see it.  Mr. C went nuts when he saw it.  I thought he was going to pee his pants, he laughed so hard.  I think it will be a family favorite.


  1. I, too, laughed so hard :) how did i get so lucky to have these kids in my life?

  2. That is a funny picture. I think I might just start carrying a hammer in my purse. I often need something to bang on the wall instead of my head. :)

  3. Rainier has a toy hammer that he carries around as well. It is not so fun and cute sometimes though.

  4. Kalem has a purse too. It's leopard print :) It's more of a clutch purse tho! Hehe.


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