Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Perils of Procrastination

This story starts way back in January...when I bought a Groupon for a canvas to be used by June.  I wanted a picture of my four darlings...but I had until June.  So I filed it away under Things To Do Later... right there in the back of my brain and there it sat for 5+ months while I waited to find the right outfits, location, time, etc.  The end of May came and my mom and sister were visiting.  They decided on a whim to take the two oldest back to stay with them for a week or so and off they went.  

One night after they had gone, I was talking with a friend about the canvas she was ordering... which made me wonder when exactly in June my coupon expired.  I looked it up, only to find (to my horror)...that the coupon expired on June 3.  Three days away.   *gulp*  I had zero pictures of my darlings... cute clothes or not.  Also, half of my children were 6 hours away.  After talking it over with my husband, we decided to leave a couple of days earlier than we had anticipated and try to get to the kids early enough to take a picture and order the canvas before the deadline.  Of course, my husband got slammed at work...and had to work crazy hours that left him exhausted.  Instead of leaving the evening of June 2nd...we decided to let him sleep and leave early on the morning of the 3rd.  We would still get there by the afternoon, in plenty of time to take a picture, etc. etc.  

However.  We were driving our truck so my hubby could go fishing and we couldn't find the new registration stickers ANYWHERE.  Which gave us no option but to go wait in line at the DMV (and as you know, that is usually not an in-and-out type errand).  After packing everything, and getting the was around noon.  Aaaaack.  I was trying extremely hard to not panic as we finally headed down the road.  With some diligent driving and very few stops, we got to my parent's house at around 6pm (we made excellent time), dressed the kiddies, combed their hair (thankfully my sister did Miss B's hair), and off we went.  We tried a few different locations.  I was stressed.  We were all stressed.  It had been a day.  Q would not hold still for anything.  My hubby would hold his hand and stand with him in the right place as I was getting ready. Then he would let go of Q's hand and jump away and I'd make all sorts of crazy noises/faces/comments and luckily we got one.  Poor Miss B had some major bruises on her legs from a bike wreck and had a hard time walking and generally moving/holding a pose.  Mr. C kept making a weird side-smirk smile.  I could not get him to smile normal and he couldn't figure out how to smile normal either.  Dennis did pretty good, other than he kept putting his hands in his pockets and lifting his pants 5 inches off the ground.  Goodness!  

But we finally got a shot I liked and then rushed back to my parents so I could do a quick edit and upload and order.  I finished all of it and ordered at around 11:30pm.  

And then I collapsed.

So.  The moral of this story is.  Don't procrastinate.  It leads to stressful situations.

My canvas is supposed to get here tomorrow.  I hope it looks good.  Sheesh.


  1. I know it's probably not funny to you but I had to laugh. I do that kind of thing all the time. Oh well, you got a fantastic picture. YOur kids are adorable!

  2. sheesh is right! and props to your hubby for getting you there in time. mine would have said "it's just a canvas. who cares?" haha.

  3. of course the canvas will look good! how could it not?! look at those amazing kids! love B's hair & boots. If i don't have kids as cute as my nieces and nephews, i'll be so very devastated :(

  4. You have some amazingly beautiful children!! I am sure the canvas will be well worth the craziness!!

  5. gorgeous! worth all the trouble! and good thing you had a groupon to kick you into high gear and get it done, otherwise (if you're like me at all) who knows how long it would've been before the good idea actually happened!


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