Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sidewalk Artist

He loves "thalk", that kid.  He colors on the patio, the house, the wall, the patio furniture...etc.  But it washes off easy as pie with a little squirt from the hose, so I'll take it.  He enjoys drawing shapes and mumbling while he works.  "That'th a thquare.  And thith ith a biggggg thquare.  And a teenthy thircle too."

And in other non-chalk related news, we walked into church on Sunday and at one totally random point he yelled out, "I want my fweakin' doughnut!"  He didn't get to finish his doughnut from breakfast before we had to rush out the door.  Unfortunately I think all the people in the hall were able to decipher his two-year old language very well, as they all laughed.  Not one of my finer mother moments, to be sure.



  1. Now you gotta love a kid that demands a "fweakin' doughnut". :~D "...for such is the kingdom of heaven." ;~)

  2. Those pictures are dreamy and that child of yours is so blasted cute!

  3. And it looks like he drew a donut on the sidewalk...he must really fweakin thinking about that donut all day long. So cute.

  4. I just want to kiss his gorgeous face off! except... none of your boys seem to like my kisses much...


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