Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Red Pears and Yellow Squash

I don't know about you but I have been stumped for dinners lately.  I wanna turn on the oven like I wanna take a dip in a Jacuzzi or cozy up to a roaring fire, wrapped in a parka.  So when I happened upon some bratwursts in the fridge, I decided we would grill for dinner the other night.  A nice juicy brat, wrapped in some crusty, chewy french bread (plus I like a little mustard) is where it's at.  For a delectable side, I brushed some olive oil on sliced squash and sprinkled them with garlic salt and pepper before grilling.  All of the children enjoyed the squash (granted... some more than others), but even Mr. C did and he is the pickiest of all. 

Luckily my dad sent me home with a box of summer squash, a variety of tomatoes, some onions and other assorted veggies from his very fabulous and large garden (including a jar of apricot jam that he and I bottled during our huge bottling day extravaganza), so I had fresh squash and pear tomatoes readily available.  He does love his garden... and his fruit trees.  My kids love to go out and help him replant things and pick things and water things and fix sprinklers with him when we visit.  And I vow right now to start my own garden next spring (which in reality means about February for us here in the blasted desert).  I must do it.  I must.  Because homegrown tomatoes are 1,000 times better than store-bought.  Hands down.  

Oh and guess what?  Since we are speaking of gardens and stuff.  The birds got to my grapes.  And ate them all.  ALL.  There were only a few bunches, but still...they were ours.  Durn birds.  We have had so many issues with birds at this house.  I don't know why... we must be the cool bird hangout or something.  But I don't want our backyard to be the cool bird hangout.  I want it to be the place where no bird wants to be caught dead for fear of social ridicule.  Be gone birds.  Leave my grapes alone.  I think I shall net them next year so that you shall be thwarted in your thieving schemes.  I was so looking forward to grapes and grape jelly. Sigh.

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  1. This looks like a mouth-watering meal, Lou Lou! My parents have also had problems with birds. Not only did they do the netting like you talked about, but they also bought one of those outdoor very real-looking owls and placed it in their bushes. And other birds HATE owls. And it seems to have kept those pesky birds away! Good luck...


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