Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have seven kids.  Seven.  Ranging in age from almost 19, clear down to 3.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the kids, house, laundry, younameit...I just think of my sister-in-law and wonder what my problem is, since she has almost double what I have.  Seriously.  I don't know at all, how she does it.  Can you imagine the laundry alone?  And the sports and the activities and Scouts and the dishes and running to and fro... she's a superwoman.  She has to be. 

Anyway.  I met up with them on my travels and took their family pictures.  It was disgustingly humid hot.  The sweltering, red-faced, sweat-dripping kind.  But we managed.  And I had such fun seeing each kid's personality and watching them interact.  

The three youngest sat on these steps and were so, so adorable together.  It just made me want to melt even more than I already was (from the sweltering heat).  They sat and hugged and planted smooches on each other's cheeks and laughed and played.  It was absolutely and wonderfully fun to photograph and I burned through a billion frames in about 2.5 minutes.

Small, medium and large (smiles). Ha.

Lotsa faces from this one.

Thanks guys.  It sure was fun to see you.


  1. Lou, your writing is simply splendid! Please write books and let me know when you have them each published. I should like to have an original, signed copy of every one. :)

  2. Love them. Even if there are sweat beads and rosy cheeks on each of us, you captured US. Thanks. It was fun.

  3. Wow 7. They look great! I wouldn't have even known it was sweltering hot! No sign of it


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