Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Funnel Cakes and Then Dinner

The kids have been hounding me to make funnel cakes.  We got a kit from my sister a few Christmases ago but have since ran out of the batter mixes.  Luckily we live in a day and age where anything can be found at the click of a button (although that's scary too).  And our children are smart enough to do just that (and that's even scrarier).  So as you've probably guessed, Miss B looked up Funnel Cake Batter recipes online, printed one that she thought suitable and waved it at me when I protested that we had no batter mix left.  What could I say?  Well actually I said we were out of flour (which we were).  So upon buying more flour, I was out of excuses and we finally set out on our giant mess-making, funnel cake-frying adventure/extravaganza. They were delightful and tasty, especially with fresh strawberries.  And then we had dinner after.  A little backwards, but's fun to shake things up once in awhile.  Speaking of shaking, there was powdered sugar EVERYWHERE.  Also, never inhale while taking your first bite of a funnel cake topped with powdered sugar.  It results in coughing fits.  Just ask Dennis.  He knows.

I love that each cake turns out so different...kind of like snowflakes.  Miss B made the one below.  I enjoy its crazy randomness.

What is it about fried dough and mounds of powdered sugar?


  1. Lou, please adopt me (and my child) - I'll give you a 2 for one special! :)

  2. My name is Katrina Crane & I approve of funnel cake before dinner. I partake, but I do not inhale...


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