Friday, August 26, 2011


Back in June, my good, good friend Jolene came to visit.  For a whole week.  With her four kids.  She moved away about a year ago...clear across the country.  So when she came, we had to cram in as much fun and adventure as possible.  So we painted my cupboards.  And ate at all of our favorite restaurants and shopped at our favorite places and went to movies and water parks and visited with friends.  The kids face-painted and ate popsicles and ran through the sprinklers and watched movies and made crafts.  It was so much fun.  I don't like to think about the fact that now we are 2,068 miles apart instead of just the one.  It's hard losing friends.  I've lived in a few different places and have made some really great friends throughout my life.  And now they are scattered, or I've scattered and we dot the map.  We keep in touch as best as possible, but it isn't always it is super fun to reunite with one for a bit and catch up.  I've been so lucky to have friends that have become family, especially when we haven't lived by family for most of our marriage.  They become my sisters, counselors, confidantes, advisers, home improvement assistants, sympathizers, shoulders to cry on, and more.  I really don't know where I would be without all of the amazing women who have touched my life and inspired me to be a better mom, taught me a new recipe or craft, helped me weather one storm or another, made me laugh, and knew just the right things to say.  

*below photo taken last summer (sheesh my hair was long and dark)*

They painted faces and papers whilst we painted cupboards in the sweltering garage.

Like I said, we ventured out one afternoon with our eight combined kiddies and some other ladies and their kiddies, for a fabulous time at a mini water park complete with lazy river, playground (perfect for Q), and two big water slides.  I love it because it has something for each of my different-aged children.  I bought a disposable underwater camera again.  I love those things.  Maybe I'll invest in a real one...


So, here's to great friends, underwater cameras, and a good paint project (or three).

Also, the cupboards are still, STILL not quite finished.  I have to attach hardware and finish the island.  But it's so blazing hot in the summer.  And luckily we are in the middle of a heat wave this week and very hot + a project = great irritation so I am taking a break from lots of physical exertion.  It's just too hot.


  1. Yep... still waiting to see the kitchen ;) And I totally agree hot+ project= major irritation. Add a pregnant lady to that mix and it isn't pretty. I decided to paint my entertainment center this week. Not the most brilliant idea I have ever had.

  2. Dude. Just seeing those kids with their eyes open under water makes MY eyes water! And B has her mouth open! You wouldn't know she was even underwater if not for the bubbles and the surface showing in the pic.

  3. Wow that WAS such a FUN amazing week. Let's do it again, like now! Oh and finish those cupboards I want to see a picture heat stroke is totally worth it.

  4. Friends are super awesome! Especially these friends :) And love the underwater pics, those are always fun.


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