Monday, August 15, 2011

A Hoot

My mother dear and sister came for an impromptu visit over the weekend.  And whilst discussing plans for the trip, my sister and I decided we should put together a surprise themed party for my mom's upcoming birthday.  But then we had to think of a theme.  And we couldn't.  Then two days before they were to arrive, my sister called with an idea.  Night Owl.  It was perfect.  My mom loves to stay up late and hardly ever sleeps.  I still can't figure out how she does it.  Also, she is so very wise.  So with a day and a half we quickly threw it all together.   

So.  I made two felt owls with stuff I had at home.  Luckily Miss B has a large supply of felt.  I gathered up all my old books and woodsy-type decor and bought the supplies for owl cupcakes.  My sister made a banner, printed off wise quotes and made a card.  After they arrived in town, we made some excuses about needing to go to the store... and headed to the thrift store and found some old glasses and a wooden owl.  We then got my mom busy in another room playing games with the grandkiddies, so we could cut a branch from the front yard to hang the quotes from, make the cupcakes and get everything set up.  We also set out bowls of raspberry candies and pretzels (twigs) to snack on.  

It turned out pretty fun for our very last minute efforts and she loved it.  I had some other owlish ideas, but we simply ran clean out of time (plus my printer broke again).  

The quotes were great.  One of my favorites ...  Fine feathers don't make fine birds.


We also made homemade ice cream (because my mom loves ice cream) and had a water party to beat the incessant heat.  The ice cream was divine.  And even though it was probably more expensive than store-bought, it sure was fun to make.  I love the sound of it churning away and watching the ice melt across the patio. 

We added bottled peaches and/or strawberry jam to our individual ice cream bowls.  Everyone approved and had seconds and maybe even thirds.  Also ice cream melts very quickly in baking weather.

Happy Birthday Mother.  


  1. Lovely! The owl idea was genius! She is a very wise mother! And the ice cream looks yummy!

  2. Genius, Lou. GENIUS! I'm going to have to steal your cupcake idea. That is freakin AMAZING! Now. My son's birthday is in 6 weeks. Therefore, thou shalt put thy creative juices together and throw me some ideas for it! I declare. :)

  3. Okay I just love your posts. I have been waiting to see how your owl-theme party turned out and it is absolutely adorable. I am now, as I sit here, racking my brain trying to think of a reason to throw an owl party. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great job!

  4. So fun! I wish I were there to partake in the planning, crafting and eating. Happy birhtday to your mom. And your printer is down again? Isn't a new one? What is going on E?

  5. Every single party you throw is seriously the cutest thing ever! Your mom is lucky to have such fabulous daughters! But then, I suppose, she raised them to be so fabulous, right? Happy Birthday to your mom!


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