Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet My Sister

What fun sisters are.  We had such a great time taking these photos.  And when we got home, my mom had breakfast burritos and German pancakes ready for a delightful brunch.  Yes.  Pictures and food.  Two of my favorite things.

Lucky for us, it was a fabulously overcast day.  Although that meant there was some horrendous, hideous humidity hanging in the air and choking us. was stifling and oppressive and sticky.  But you can't even tell in the photos, so that's good.  But the light was I'll take it.


Yep.  She's a cutie.  


  1. She looks absolutely great and beautiful. Love all her outfits too.

  2. Yep, sisters can be a lot of fun! Love her pink and black outfit, those green shoes are awesome!

  3. DANG! She is adorable! Love the shoes, love the bag... The pictures are so light and crisp! Can you come visit me and by my model too!!


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