Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I met up with some beautiful ladies to take their pictures.  Three lovely ladies in pink.  It was delightful.

And thank you to my good friend for letting us use her house and vintage doll highchair (if you look close you can see a squishy little belly roll resting on the tray...my favorite part).  And for giving me cool drinks and cold things to put on my face when I was so hot I thought I would melt into a puddle.  It was a scorcher that day.  Course they've all been scorchers lately.  When it gets over 115 degrees with 30% humidity...I just can't stay cool and I want winter to come.  Right now.  Today.


  1. Time to move to St. George, Lou!! It is MUCH cooler here. ;~) Love them pics, girl. Especially the baby in the vintage doll high chair. THAT is adorable. And... how is it that you manage to take everyone else's photos and not your own family's??? I read that on my blog and about fainted! Chop, chop, Lou! :)

  2. Love them! We are up for company anytime thanks for the entertaining day!

  3. Those photos are adorable! I love the high chair!

  4. I found a yogurt recipe that uses a crock pot. Genius. Of course, it was from a Utah mom who also provided instructions for doing it with your dried milk food storage. You've inspired me to move that to the top of my list. Terrific pics btw.


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