Thursday, August 4, 2011


I had the opportunity to take photos of the two women behind the blog Supermom Moments, Aimee and Bettijo.  Their blog is full of ideas on how to be a Supermom...even if it's just for a moment.  I've worked with Bettijo a few times on different projects, and it was fun to meet up again and talk.  Anyway, we met together to create some super photos, complete with puffy clouds and all.  The only drawback was that the concrete walls were excessively hot.  Ugh.  I thought we were all going to melt right away...the cement just oozed heat whenever we got anywhere near anything made of concrete.  But other than the heat, we laughed and laughed and had a fine time.  

It's funny because I've just been thinking about being a mother and how I am always wanting to be Supereverything.  Superphotographer, Superdecorator, Supercrafter, Supermom, Superhomemaker, Superwriter, Supercook, Superwife and Superfriend and how usually I end up being Superoverwhelmed.  I have to remind myself that I can't be super-anything if I expect too much of myself, time and abilities...but I can have a few supermoments every once in awhile when the stars align and I manage to do a fun activity with my kids and we laugh and laugh, or I make a good meal, or I do a bunch of laundry and get someone's closet organized.  The rest of life is inevitably going to be filled with chaos, bickering, rushing, lots of messes and dirty laundry.  Now to just convince myself, remember it and count the supermoments not the supercatastrophes...


  1. And I was thinking it was just me that I wanted to be super (perfect) everything and get frustrated when I just end up super-overwhelmed and super-exhausted! :~P Here's to all of us great mommies out there! :)

  2. Really cute! Love the chairs, the shoes, the clouds! And you are supermom :O)


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