Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Happened When I Said I Wanted First-Day-of-School Pictures

They were like, "But Mommmmm!  We don't have time! I want to play on the playground. "

And I was like, "Then we'll make time... and you don't play on the playground on the first day, you go right to your class."

Then they were like, "Just take pictures after school...we have to go now!!"

And I was like, "No way.  You'll be all hot and sweaty and nasty."

And then they were like, "We'll brush our hair and straighten up and you can take pictures then."

And I was like, "Yeah right.  Stand there for two seconds and give me one normal smile and we shall be done and on our way.  Please just one smile." 

And they were like, "Oh wait, I need to go to the bathroom" and "I forgot my lunch" and "I'll be right back".  

And I was like, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!  Just three pictures.  Please for your mother.  Please.  Just three... it's all I ask.  One each.  And try not to squint and try to stand straight and goodness, could someone get your little brother out of the picture.  And if one more person opens the door again...I don't know what's gonna happen!"

Or something like that.

And really... in my dreams, I wanted a group photo and some detail shots as well, and something a little more pizazzy and spunky than the boring front door and stucco.  And it would have been nice to photograph the youngest of the bunch who was dressed and ready with a packed lunch in his 2-year old hands.  But who am I kidding.  I am lucky I got three semi-decent, eyes-open, non-awkward, in-front-of-the-boring-door photos with only one extra arm included.  Plus we weren't late for the first day of school.  But still.  Maybe next year.

(Note the extra arm.  And Dennis is not sad...just squinting.)

And also, I need to paint/stain/do something to my door.  It's clear to me now.


  1. I never tire of your writings. You are so witty and personable. :) Your kiddies are growing up, Lou...

  2. So cute!! They all look ready to learn :O)

  3. I feel like the ugly roommate for whom things have just not worked out yet, "All my friends have kids in school! Why can't I have kids in school?! I want kids in school more than they do. Oh why oh why can't I have a little of what everyone else has!?" *sobs*

    Congrats on the pics though. You are smart to stick to your guns! You did it! You are Super Awesome Mother! Conquering whining and missed opportunity in a single flash! Dun dun duuuuun!

  4. We should've painted that darn door white with cupboards, but I suppose it would get really dirty. What are you going to do with it, it's quite the tall door. Well happy first day of school which is I guess now is happy 2nd week of school, where the heck have I been, did you think I forgot about you?


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