Friday, September 2, 2011

Birthday in a Box

My nephew had a birthday and of course I was super late and couldn't think of anything fun or cool and finally  decided that we would mail him a complete birthday wrapped up in a box.  I gathered a small box, a couple of gifts that would fit, a tiny homemade birthday banner, loads of confetti, a few not-yet-blown balloons, and even a little "cake" ( I thought about a candle but figured it might melt).  Then I tied it all up with twine, because boxes look so great with twine.

We also added a quick little card to the front.  Now I can't stop thinking about birthdays in boxes and all of the different combinations/themes/colors.  Just think.  A birthday in a box for a little girl with sparkly pink things... one for a friend with lip gloss, earrings and lotions... or a new baby "birth"day in a box with a newspaper clipping from that day, a binkie, maybe a fun onesie, some hand sanitizer...etc.   Oh the possibilities.

We gave him a small airplane/glider kit and a pack of gum (since kids always love gum).


  1. I secretly wish I was related to you so I could receive such cool and thoughtful gifts! Might have to steal this one for my niece and nephew who live in Washington!?!?

  2. Have you ever considered doing a show like Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray? We'll call it, "Lou's Shoes, Glues, & Other Views". You'd put them BOTH outta business in ONE DAY!! Your family is lucky to have you. :)

  3. Awesome gift!! I love the gum idea :O)

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