Sunday, September 18, 2011

On Noodles and Naps

Miss B loves to cook and bake.  She loves to make cookies especially.  Most recently she tried her hand at noodle-making.  She did a fabulous job.  It's quite nice to have a helper in the kitchen to speed things up.  And it's especially delightful because now I have someone to chat with.  She hasn't, however, mastered the art of clean-as-you-go.  She usually makes astronomical messes.  But.  We are working on that.  And at least she is cooking and learning.

The noodles looked so pretty drying, I couldn't resist taking photos.  And I love the pasta drying rack my sister gave me.  It all comes apart, so it's easy to store and it holds so many noodles.  I used to dry them on dish cloths spread all over the kitchen...but now, I pull out my handy dandy noodle drying rack, have Mr. C assemble it, and then I have oodles of noodle drying space.  Fabulous.

In other mom left.  She was here for a week babying me and it was delightful.  I cried when she left.  She is the closest thing to a magic wand.  She took care of all the kids including changing, getting them ready for school, bathing, helping with homework, making lunches, organizing them with their chores and practices, taking them to clubs,  parties, etc. and keeping their teeth brushed.  She also did all of my laundry.  All of it.  And there is always a lot.  But she did it top to bottom.  Finished.  She cleaned all the bathrooms, straightened my room and kept the house spic and span.  She made me soups for my special diet.  She brought me my medicine.  She helped my poor overwhelmed hubby with the refrigerator that was having problems, a toilet that also needed work, and helped get the van fixed (it was leaking gas).  Somehow with all of that, she also managed to find time to make a quilt for my new nephew that just arrived and helped me make and bottle applesauce.  But most of all, she made me take naps.  Lots of them.  And I think I am feeling better.  Although I am a little scared to tackle the next week without her.  I think I can though.  I think I can... 


  1. Those noodles look delicious! How fun to have a helper in the kitchen! And aren't moms the best? I wish you luck this next week and remember you have so many friends to call if you need anything, just let me know!

  2. I'm pretty sure that's what you'll be like when you've had some sleep & not had to hear crying a lot that gets on your very last nerve... She did the sprint, but you are running the marathon, pace yourself accordingly...

  3. Oh, your mom sounds like a gem! I am so glad she was there to help and take care of you. :)

    You are so ambitious with your noodle making. I envy you and your little ones. So lucky...

  4. where on earth can I get a noodle drying rack like that??? --bettijo

  5. Wow! Can I borrow your mom for a week, but with out having to go through the whole surgery and recovery part...pretty please? So glad you're starting to feel better.

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  7. Sounds awesome! Even though pasta is a treat that you should eat sparingly, it can be part of a whole foods diet.
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