Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Workshop on the Face of the Sun

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a photo workshop.  It was an wonderful experience.  And it was hot.  As I'm sure I've mentioned before.  Very hot.  It was tolerable indoors but when it was time to go outside, I've never wanted to do something so bad and to run away from it at the same exact time.  I wanted desperately to practice and photograph the beautiful models we were privileged to work with...but gosh I wanted to escape into the air-conditioning like nothing I've ever wanted before.  I was so conflicted.  But I stuck it out, suffered in the sweltering heat and probably sweat more than I ever have in my life.  My crazy hair kept growing and growing with the heat and humidity, sticking out at odd angles all over my head.  The makeup melted clean off my face.  Let's just say I felt a bit haggard.  But.  I would do it again in a heart beat.  I had such fun.  I was able to work with studio lighting, try out some fashion shooting, work with some cute kiddos, have a might tasty lunch, and learn a new trick or three.  And I even met a sweet lady from my home town whose sister was good friends with my aunt.  Got that?  Such a small world.

Anyway.  Here are my photos.  What fun to photograph real live models.  


  1. Your pictures are amazing!! Love the feel of the second set of pictures! And the studio photos! Sorry it was a scorcher! Next time you can bring a mister, a wet rag to tie around your neck and me - I'll bring you cool bottles of water while you work!

  2. Beautiful!! Taking great photos is a hobby and skill that can make a lot of people admire and copy. You are truly a great photographer. Helene Goldnadel


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