Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bonjour Mes Amis

Hello my friends.

Miss B had another birthday.  I will not even talk about how old she is.  She decided she would love to enjoy some of her favorite French foods for her big day, so we settled on a Parisian theme.  She is not a fan of pink so we steered right clear of pink and poodles.  

We served crackers, cheese and green grapes for hors d'oeuvres, French sodas (apparently French soda is just an Italian soda with cream), quiche, eclairs and had a crepe bar.  For our crepe toppings, we served Nutella, mixed berries, whipped cream, and French vanilla pudding.  I also bought a mini cheesecake for the birthday girl.  We used a few pieces of my grandmas' crystal and some of my milk glass collection to serve the food in.  And I didn't really get many pictures or get the set up exactly how I wanted it, because I was too busy making the quiche and 1,000 crepes.  But man, crepes are good so I forgave them.  The girls thought it was very fancy indeed.  And they were also loud and crazy.  Yes.  Very, VERY loud and crazy.

My favorite part was probably the invitations.  I found some blue passport holders at Michaels and then set out to make invitations in the form of a boarding pass.  I actually found a template online and just rearranged it a bit to make it my own and added my own text etc (I had our last name for the name of the airline and our address as the departure gate).

My cousin brought me mini Eiffel Tower key chains from her trip to Paris to give as favors.  So perfect.


  1. Tonya Mae Wilson likes this. ;~) If I ever had a theme party, I'd want it to be around the movie THE HELP. But who knows how one would execute such an undertaking? ;~P

  2. Ooh la la! Tres magnifique! Wow, this takes me back to our French days. You are too darn creative for your own good. I love it. I think you should be a party planner on top of everything else you do. Totally amazing!

  3. It's perfect....especially the invitations!!! She is so lucky to have a mama like you who spends so much time making her party so all the little details!


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