Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corn Maze and Slushies

On Saturday, we loaded up and headed out for a highly anticipated Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch outing.  We looked at animals and visited a Pizza Farm (where they grow or graze all the ingredients for a pizza...each ingredient taking up a "slice" of the pizza.  Q was disappointed when he discovered that pizzas weren't growing on the trees.)  The kids rode a barrel train, giant pedal cars, bouncy horses and tried their hand at some carnival games.  Q decided to dart off at random times.  Weird.  He never does that.  We were also able to navigate our first corn maze successfully.  It was quite the adventure.  Especially because we had to find six sets of animal tracks within the maze and get rubbings.  It took us awhile to find all six.  We were gonna give up at one point as it was pretty toasty, but Q wouldn't hear of it.  He wanted all of the tracks on his paper...so we persevered and developed a plan of action.  Dad sent runners down each track of maze to look for the post that held the track rubbings...then they would run back or yell if they found one.  It was good teamwork and in the end, we all were very proud of ourselves for receiving our FSI (Farm Scene Investigator) badges. 

We picked out a few nice pumpkins on our way out and all was fine until Q got stung by bee and screamed and turned to look at me with a bee crawling on his eye...which gave me the heebie jeebies.  Luckily it stung his finger, not his eye and we got him all fixed up and headed to the van to cool off.  And then hit up a gas station for some slushies... because that's what we get after visiting a pumpkin patch.  Not hot chocolate like the rest of the universe.  But they were tasty.  I got a horchata one.  I do love horchata.

Halloween is coming up and I am so excited for our costumes this year, and I've almost got them all put together...just need one or two more items...


  1. Lou, you make everything so much fun. It's funny though, I've never been to a corn maze during the day time. Might make it a bit easier and keep me from profaning so much, though! ;~P

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! I can't wait to see your costumes, your kids were telling me about them a few weeks ago!

  3. You guys look hot, and not in the sexy way. You know the sweaty way. But it does look like fun. Our pumpkins are outside and black and moldy. I guess besides squirrels eating them we set them out a bit too early but the kids won't let us take them down.


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