Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Last

Here is the last couple of families from the (giant) Mini Session.  Oh.  They just make me smile.  

I have another (semi-giant) Mini Session scheduled for this Saturday.  But it's supposed to rain.  Grrr.  Think good don't-rain-until-I'm-finished thoughts for me pretty please.  And I have more regular shoots coming up.  Stay tuned... it's that time of year!  

Also, I am desperately trying to get my family photos done this year (since I didn't last year and I am irritated).  It is most difficult and hard to come up with outfits and colors.  How do you all do it so beautifully?  I want to buy a fancy new dress.  Do you think I should?  I have all three boys semi-figured out.  But Miss B's outfit is giving me fits.  She is not in the cutesy stage anymore.  It is very challenging to dress her just right... not too young, but also not too old.  Hmmm.

Anyway, where were we?  Oh yes.  The Mini Previews...

Number 7:

Number 8:

That's right.  I did EIGHT photo shoots in one day.  Talk about productive!  I loved it.


  1. Very productive indeed! Those are some cute grandparents ...and kids!

  2. Love group 8's colors!!! So bright! We are doing similar Dark Purple, Grey, and Fuchsia. Just got to find me some boots. Who usually does your shots? Both the sessions you have up turned out beautifully!


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