Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Great Christmas Card Delusions

Every year I have grand ideas for my Christmas card.  I want at least two photos (or more).  I would like some room for a little snippet of the year's goings-on.  Something very brief, very light and possibly funny.  Plus I want some unique, delightful and awe-inspiring design (but not too over the top).  And I want it to be cheap...but beautifully printed.

So yes.  I struggle.  Every year.  Blast.  I have now designed three different cards.  Completely different.  And not one meets all of my criteria.  Well one does, but I think it's kind of awkward yet.  It just doesn't flow.  Plus I can't come up with anything new or funny or exciting or different to say about 2011.  It kind of just happened without me knowing it.

I may or may not have been working on the card for weeks.  And re-writing snippets in my head, on my cell phone and on scrap pieces of paper. It's just not coming together this year.  Apparently I need to let go of something.  But what...The dumb things I get stressed about.  Seriously.  I hate it when I hold myself hostage to indecisions over something so trivial.  Especially because I can't ever seem to give it up.

I think I'll just start over again.

In the meantime, here are some sweet photos of a very sweet girl.


  1. I can relate. I wish I was as forgetful about the things that bother me as I am about everything else. It will be marvelous. (Tatum)

  2. Your hard work will pay off it always does, and I'll oooooh and awhhhh when I get my card in the mail. Can't wait.

  3. You did amazing things this year! You photographed your little heart out, entered contests, threw parties, coordinated Halloween costumes, oh yeah and had surgery and raised 4 kids ... Laundry and all! You should title your card; SURVIVOR, Kiddie Island...

  4. I want to help so I came up with a list of words that rythme with two-thousand eleven

    and um um um um
    and um um um um
    and um um um um

    No need to thank me!


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