Saturday, November 12, 2011

Peanut Butter, Honey and Syrup....Oh My!

So.  Q has lulled me (yet again) into a false sense of security.  Just when I thought he was growing out of his crazy ways...he's been at it again.  I found him dumping honey all over the pantry...finger painting in it.  I am still finding traces of honey on shelves and cans and packages.  He also treated my new book of stamps as stickers, and placed them all over the receipts in my purse.  Later I found him in the bathroom, with the door locked, filling up the sink and mixing potions of lotion and water.  Mr. C found him drinking syrup in his bedroom another time.  Miss B caught him eating chocolate ice cream in the bonus room with the door locked and then later eating peanut butter in the office (we are still finding peanut butter hand prints throughout the house) etc.  And why is it that he must get into the most awfully messy and sticky foods?  Why not break into a pack of saltines every once in awhile?  Huh?  Or even some goldfish crackers.  Oh wait, he does that too.  And all that mayhem mentioned was all in a two day period.  Plus I promise I feed the kid.  It's nonstop with him.  I've tried specific snack times but the kid can EAT.  He is a tank and runs nonstop so I guess he needs a lot of fuel for all that steam.  But gosh.  I can't imagine what he'll eat as a teenager.  Two dozen eggs for breakfast, 9 PB&J's for lunch, and 6 1/2 plates of pasta for dinner?  I better start saving now.  Also, he realized he can undo the chains on the front and back doors by sliding a stool over.  We may be doomed.  Good thing he says the funniest things.

Now I am sure you are thinking.."Gosh lady, can't you watch one small child?  Where were you when this was happening??"  He is quick, I tell you.  QUICK! One second he's happily building a block tower or coloring a picture and I think I have a few minutes while he is distracted, so I start doing laundry and then the next second (almost literally), he's broken into the pantry or fridge or garage and is devouring or pouring or smearing some messy food item or another.  Gah.  On a positive note though, I finally realized why I can't keep up with my house.  I am only human.  I can only do so much damage control in one try and stay up on the necessities here and there.  Anyway.  What a kid.  He did pat my knee in church on Sunday and said, "I yike your outfit!"  So I forgave him.

Speaking of's quiet...and I found him licking butter in the bathroom.



  1. Feels like I'm reading about my life....times two. So sorry!!

  2. You've definitely got your hands full with him but he's such a cutie! :) Don't worry about keeping the house up, one day your kids will be grown and you'll have all the time in the world for housework. That's how I justify my dirty house. :)

  3. Oh man, I feel for ya. Cali has been in that mood lately. Lets get the kiddos together!!! Want to meet at a park on Thursday?

  4. Nothing better than butter in the bathroom. Yummy. I like that kid.

  5. We are fellows in arms. Found this today. Only those without children are aghast:


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