Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time Travel

We couldn't decide on a theme this year.  It's getting harder and harder to find themes that we haven't already used, and that everyone agrees on.  It's especially difficult to come up with costumes that each child is excited about.  At one point we were going to be the Addams Family, then at another, we thought we would just go as a group of nerds...but I wasn't loving the nerd theme and the Addams Family was going to be difficult and expensive to pull off.  Mr. C had mentioned he wanted to be Albert Einstein...and then I started thinking about dressing up as famous, historical figures.  Then we narrowed it down to strictly American heroes.  And it was actually really fun because it got us all talking about history and the roles these characters played in making our country what it is today.

Wyatt Earp
We struggled with Dennis.  He really wanted to be Indiana Jones (but as we all know, Indiana Jones is not real).  We suggested Houdini, but he wasn't going for it.  Finally we told him about Wyatt Earp, and with his intense love of all things cowboy, he decided he was in. The handlebar mustache was hilarious and really made the costume.   All we had to buy was the star, the dollar store hat and the boots (that you can't see).

Davy Crockett
We have a small, fringed buckskin jacket that belonged to my husband when he was a young lad.  He was obsessed with Davy Crockett back then.  It was the perfect fit for Q and then my hubby found a coon skin hat in Yellowstone on a fishing trip.  Q was certain he was going to be a crocodile (you know from the Crockett part) for a few weeks leading up to Halloween....and then finally a couple of days before, he said he was going to be "Baby Cwockett", then he would break out singing..."Baby!  Baby Cwockett. King of the Wild Fwontier!" 

Albert Einstein
Mr. C loves learning, reading and science so it was very fitting for him to choose Einstein.  I was really worried about his hair, but we grew it out as long as possible, sprayed it with white hair dye and got it to stand straight up and I think it turned out pretty great.  Spraying his mustache and his eyebrows really helped too.  I found the old sweater at Goodwill and the rest he used from home.

Amelia Earhart
Miss B really admires Amelia Earhart...ever since she wrote a research paper on her, plus she's never been an overly girly-girl, so Amelia Earhart was perfect.  We borrowed a leather jacket from my sister, bought some safety goggles and she got the boots for her birthday.  The white scarf I found at the dollar store (and it's a really nice one too).  We also pinned up her hair to make it look shorter.  And again, as in years past, she ended up with a major bobby pin headache.

Rosie the Riveter
I couldn't decide on what I was going to be, and then BAM!  It came to me like a flash of inspirational lighting.  Rosie the Riveter.  And even though she's not one person, she symbolizes all of the women who worked during WWII doing men's work in the factories.  She is also a symbol for strong women...which is something I admire.  My great-grandmother was a riveter so that made it even more fun for me.  I borrowed the Dickies from my dad, who had inherited them from my grandpa.  Then I used one of my hubby's belts, a red bandana for my hair and some bright red lipstick.  The kids couldn't get over the red lipstick, as I never wear anything so bright.  Also, I learned that Dickies are super comfy.  Man.  I could wear them all day.  And they have all sorts of pockets for my cell phone, keys, gum, etc.  Awesome.

So we had a blast, most people recognized us...some even guessed that Dennis was Wyatt Earp and we got loads of candy.  Now I need to start thinking of next year... we have a couple of ideas...


  1. GREAT costumes!! You're always so creative : )

  2. man, you guys are good! very creative!

  3. You guys are all so adorable!!!! Love the costumes and ideas. I have also been meaning to let you know how much I loved getting a card in the mail from you. You are so sweet and I appreciate all the love and support. It truly made my day!!! Thank you so much! Love, Holly

  4. What a great and educational idea! I shared on my FB page!

  5. Adorable! Love that you get dressed up with the kids too. So glad I found your site, thank you Pinterest!

  6. l.o.v.e. You make a lovely Rosie!

  7. It all turned out great. I love them all. Especially the mustaches, oh and maybe you should start a new trend of wearing dickies everywhere. You can do it, you're definitely cool enough.

  8. Ahh, love it Rosie! Such a great theme for your costumes this year. Nice work lady!


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