Friday, December 23, 2011

Polar Express

This whole month should be titled "Christmas Express".  Gosh.  It's been a dead run from one thing to the next.  You know.  Christmas programs, band concerts, Christmas barbecues at school (I don't get it either), church parties, friend parties, family parties, treat deliveries, a wedding and wedding reception, and last minute trips to the store for the teacher gifts and M&M's for the school party that you completely forgot about.  All that.

Anyway, we decided to hit the Polar Express on our way up to the wedding...since it was on our way and all.  You know.  Two birds.  One stone.  So, I got the kids out of school early, dear ol' Dad raced home from work, and we all packed and then pulled out of the garage not a minute too soon.  We raced to our destination about 2.5 hours away...well we went the speed limit...and pulled into the parking lot just as the conductor was calling everyone to board.  Sheesh.  Talk about cutting it close!  So.  I had zero chance to take any cute/memorable/magical photos before boarding the train.  I got one shot of Miss B holding Q while I tried to rearrange my purse, scarf, coat, tickets and Q's shoes.  And actually... I really quite love it.

 We met my mom, sister and nephew there and it was so fun to watch the kids and spend time with family.  Q was enthralled with the tickets and clutched one at all times.  He was pretty captivated by the train and it kept him still for almost 3/4 of the trip.  Which was nice.

After our quick trip to the North Pole to see Santa, receive giant bells for the kids, sing carols, sip yummy hot cocoa and eat cookies as big as our faces, we loaded into our vehicles, grabbed some burgers, and headed back on the road for another 5 hour trip.  That was at about 8pm.  We got home around 1:30 am, I think.  Phew.


  1. I suppose it is only fitting that you ride the Polar Express during the Christmas Express. ;~) Every year it gets a littler more hectic, eh? Sometimes ya just gotta say, "NO!"

  2. Such a fun, Christmasy thing to do! They look like they had tons of fun! I would love to get a cookie the size of my face :O)


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