Saturday, December 10, 2011

Very Hungry Friends

After helping my sister with her daughter's Very Hungry Caterpillar party, I haven't been able to quit thinking about it.  All those fun party details. It's the best.  So when Q had a few friends over for lunch and a play date, I decided to use that as an excuse.  It was low-key but still very fun.

I cut up some fruit, and displayed it.  Then we read the book when they first came in.  After that, they ate and ate and ate.  I also had crackers and cheese.  One little girl ate a bunch of would only eat strawberries and crackers.  They were a hoot.  And they thought it was so funny that we were eating the same foods as the caterpillar.

Next we had dessert!

Then we colored some pictures I downloaded and made caterpillars out of colored circles.  After they all went home, I realized I forgot to have them make the egg-carton caterpillars I had planned for, so Q and I made one instead.  He painted that caterpillar meticulously until every last inch was covered.  I couldn't believe how precise he was and how long it kept him occupied and how good of a job he did!  Then he chose purple antennae and we glued them on and he spent the rest of the day playing with it.

This is a "during" shot just because it's fun.  I love the crumbs and orange peels and the cute caterpillar plates my friend gave me and were leftover from my niece's party.  Sometimes the mess just shows you had fun.  That's what Miss B's friend taught me once...she said, "Why are moms so worried about the house being clean all the time?  I think that a messy house just means you've been having fun."  I thought that was very wise for her age.  Now if only I can find a happy balance between fun-and-happy messy and horrifyingly disgusting messy...

I set up the display of foods again for an after-school snack.  My kids thought it was pretty great and I felt like a supermom for the moment.  Usually the snack is a piece of bread or a this was a fun change...and I don't feel like supermom often.  I feel more like the taskmaster usually.


  1. How fun! You are just so creative and an awesome mom!

  2. I bet you are now the favorite house to go to for lunch and a play date for Q's friends!

  3. Love it!!! I just saw Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric and I'm trying to think of something to make with it. Ideas? (Tatum)

  4. You are so perfectly adorable. This play date is so thoughtful and fun. And it makes me want to guzzle wine, eat donuts with whipped cream & just bawl in flannel pj bottoms under my generic Christmas tree. Maybe I'll skip the trouble & free base the whipped cream.


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