Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 To Do List

I really loved my 2011 To Do List for last year.  It kept me motivated and focused and I love looking at checklists, especially ones with items checked off.  I makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something tangible, because as you know, the dishes and laundry are never fully complete and so us moms are sometimes left wondering if we ever do anything worthwhile and lasting.  At least I do anyway.  So, I am transferring over some of the items I didn't get to last year to this year's list, as well as my "Be there more as a mom" goal...because I think I always need that one.  It is a constant struggle to balance housework, chores, errands, spending time with kids, smelling the roses, etc.  One that I may never master...but I will certainly keep trying.

Leftover To Do's from 2011

Be there more as a mom.  Listen more. Get down and play more.  Read with them more.  Smile more.   Don't cry so much over the proverbial "spilled milk".  Delight in what my kiddies delight in (other than burping of course).

DEJUNK THE ENTIRE HOUSE!  Of course this one will never be fully completed...but I sure can try my hardest.  Went through the little boy's room.  January 2012  Organized the Lego collection.  April 2012.  Cleaned, organized, de-junked and painted pantry.  It looks amazing!  April 2012.  Organized Miss B's room Summer 2012.  Organized office March 2012.

Add knobs to my cabinets.  Added pulls in Fall 2011  Yay!  Finally, I added the knobs and it only took about an hour.  Why did I wait so long?!  January 2012

Redo theater chairs.  Big project.  I am not sure if I'm up for this one...I can't get the seats off.

Paint secretary desk peacock blue (maybe).

Finish Mr. C's headboard and make a bed skirt.

Make a magnet board for the hall.

Finish the kitchen island cabinets...should I paint them black or slate gray?  February 2, 2012. FINALLY.  Don't ask how long this one took. It's embarrassing.

New To Do's for 2012

Paint the living room.  March 2012. Painted three walls...trying to decide on third.  Used Linen again to streamline with kitchen.

Paint the kitchen.  March 2012.  Painted a very clean, neutral Linen (as it's named) and turns out to be a very lovely tannish-gray.  If that makes any sense.

Finish gathering plates for my plate wall and hang them.

Make a picture collage in the living room.  Done and Donner.  April 2012.  And it looks quite nice if I do say so myself.

Paint molding, doors, and trim in the entire house.  *shudder* This one scares me. I don't want to I don't want to...

Clean and seal grout.  This one scares me too.

Clean out filing cabinet (yet another scary one) and paint it.

Recover and paint my office chairs.

Read the Book of Mormon in one month.  Took about 3.5 months, but still.  Pretty good.  And what a good experience!

Paint the patio furniture. Painted chairs and bench a very cheery turquoise and stained the table a dark walnut.  Not sure if the turquoise is too loud.  Time will tell.  Also, my ambition levels...  February 2012.

Go on bike rides and park outings while the weather's nice.  We sorta tried but the weather is turning not so nice now.  Bummer.  Goodbye two weeks of spring.  Hello hideous, horrible summer.  

Organize and clean the office.  We did it!!  March 2012.  Just need another bookshelf/cabinet.

Get up on time ( I am not a morning person).

Make a sandbox for Q with the hubby.

Hang up ruler growth chart.  Hung January 21, 2012

Potty train Q (last kid and he has zero interest).  Hooray!!!!  Biggest Hooray EVER!  He did it all by himself and even before the age of four (just barely).  September 2012.

Make those two Christmas stockings I never got to this year.

Organize and burn my photos to backup DVDs.

Make a photography questionnaire/PDF/contract for new clients.  Summer 2012

Figure out some transportable set-up (ie. floor, backdrop, etc.) for newborn photos.  January 31, 2012.

Remember everyone's birthdays.  All birthdays scheduled with reminders as of January 2012.  Now to make sure I follow through!  I somehow deleted ALL my calendar info on my phone!!  AAAACK!

Make some sort of subway art/chalkboard with Family Rules.  Made January 2012, now just to print and hang. Printed and hung January 21, 2012.

Make FHE more fun and exciting.  Printed off FHE lessons for 7-up (lifting ways to have a good day),  Liahona, Popcorn Parable,  Adventure, Treasure the scriptures, "Tune" into Spirit.  September 2012.

Paint new/old wrought iron patio furniture.  Three chairs painted.  Table primed.  July 2012

Quit stressing about the house never being completely clean (a forever struggle).

I am sure I'll add more as I go, but I think this should keep me busy for awhile.  Here's to 2012 and cleaning, painting, organizing, living, breathing, laughing and loving.


  1. Don't forget to sleep, Lou! I just feel good about keeping the house in order. :~P

  2. You've set some great goals, I should probably do this! Good luck with painting the trim and doors, I think I'll procrastinate that to next year! :)

  3. Wish I could come help you with some. Cleaning out a filing cabinet would be fun! I've had some experience :O) And remember, "For every job that must be done, there IS an element of fun!"

  4. SlAte grey to match your room you're painting grey, and don't forget to put on that list a visit to me!

  5. I will just piggy back your thoughts on this one...and hope that we both get more things done this year..and spend more time with the kids too :0

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