Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Family Photos

I realized I never posted my own family photos.  We snapped them right around Thanksgiving during a whirlwind of food, family, traveling, my sister-in-law's bridal shoot and bridal shower, Christmas tree hunting and all other manner of madness.  So it had to be quick and relatively painless.  It was quick but it was NOT painless.  It was freeeezing.  Miss B and I were sporting short sleeves and the wind was whipping at high speeds and low temps making it hard to look relaxed and photogenic.  We were shivering uncontrollably and wanting to fold ourselves in a ball to keep warm (remember we are desert dwellers, so we are a tad wimpy when it comes to coldish weather).   

 I love this group shot of the kiddies so much.  I love that Q is looking and looking normal and even smiling and leaning in on Mr. C.  I love Dennis' hands in his pockets and his toothy grin.  I love everything about it.  That rarely happens with group shots of this bunch.  It was a miracle.

Q was crazy and silly as usual.  What a kid.


  1. Those ARE super good, and I agree that is a wonderful kid photo. Every one is growing up though. Ms. B is so beautiful and Mr. C, what a handsome boy.

  2. A very good kid picture! Q's jacket is so cute! The old barn is a wonderful backdrop too!

  3. Q's liitle bow tie is absolutely adorable! And as usual, the pictures are beautiful!


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