Friday, January 20, 2012

Orange You the Cutest Thing

I didn't get any pictures of Miss B during Christmas other than one of her in the Nativity with the other I convinced her to put on her cute hat that she got from Grammy for Christmas, and let me take a photo.  She finally obliged after lots of begging and guilt trips, and I had her go sit by the orange tree, because it's the only pretty thing in our yard right now. Then we got to looking at the oranges and decided to pick a couple and test them. I took pictures of the process, getting the squinty-eyed-are-you-done-yet-seriously-can't-I-just-pick-the-orange glare.

But gosh she's getting old.  And the oranges were yummy.


  1. I hope she didn't make you wilt with those dagger-throwing eyes! ;~)

  2. Her beauty is stunning!

    So is your photography.

  3. Just beautiful! And your oranges are perfect!


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