Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Party Just for Me and Losing Q

So whilst we were visiting family and it was right close to my birthday, my family decided to throw me a theme party since they know me and my love of themes.  My sister said she finally decided on a beach party since I have a winter birthday and therefore have never experienced a beach-themed soiree.  She whipped up a very fine invite for me as well as paper bag flowers for the decorations.

On the big day, I had to stay hidden while they all put the finishing touches together.  They made the flip flop cookies, hung the flowers, made the cakes (my hubby had to find my sand castle cake pan from Q's party and sneak it up without me noticing), and other party food.  My mother dear made my two favorite dips, filled the cakes with pudding, berries and whipped cream...which resulted in a very tasty, trifle like dessert.   It was so yummy.  I'll take that over regular cake any day.  We also had mini corn dogs for our "Beach" party, a special punch that we've enjoyed as a family for years, apple french fries to go with our corn dogs, and wafer cookies because they are yummy and I like them.

Some of the lovely guests.  My brother and sister are laughing because we were telling them that they were supposed to be the door greeters and wear a speedo and bikini respectively!  Ha!  That would have been chilly.

I received some lovely gifts as well.  My sister made me a photobook of our trip to Ireland.  My other sister found me a new milk glass vase for my collection, my brother made me a mixing bowl and cup (he is is a very talented potter), my mom and dad got me some pretty pearls and I got a new nativity from my hubby.  It was so nice and thoughtful of every one.

Afterward, we were all sitting around chatting and visiting and watching kids play when I suddenly couldn't see Q.  Everyone immediately set out on the search...looking outside, inside and everywhere in between with no success.  I started getting really very nervous.  One of my sisters noticed that the frosting from the flip flop cookies was gone and we figured if we found that, he would be close by.  We finally found the frosting, a butter knife and smears of frosting on the carpet by my parents' bed.  After a very thorough search, my sister happened to see a corner of a shoe under the hanging clothes in the closet (they reach clear to the ground).  Anyway, she flung back the clothes and there he was, curled up under the clothes, asleep!  What a scare.  Phew.  We figured he got into the frosting, felt guilty, hid, and then fell asleep.  Sheesh.  It was really quite amusing once we knew he wasn't kidnapped, run over, miles down the road or any other catastrophe.


  1. My, my, may, what a fine soiree! That castle cake was very good as were the mini corn dogs! I must have them again soon.

  2. oh my are the second person that I know who has lost a child and found them asleep behind the clothes in the closet. My other friend had even called 911. So scary! But the party looked fun!

  3. I called 911 when Luke fell asleep in his closet (under the stuffed animals). I was glad he was safe, but mortified when all was done. Looks like you had a great birthday! (Tatum)

  4. Awwww.. I totally miss your family :( Hope you and your little family is doing well. :) Love ya!!

  5. Good for you! Looks like tons of fun & everyone having a good time. We need more excuses to eat cake, right?


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