Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Been a Week Full of Ups and Downs

Up:  Sunday was glorious.  We cracked pecans with the kids and talked about the good ol' days.  Then we played Phase 10 and had a delightful dinner.

Down:  I caught Q pouring applesauce down the ice dispenser on Monday.  He informed me that's how you make ice...with water and applesauce, and also he said he just wanted to see what happened.  I told him that Mom gets upset, that's what happens.

Up:  I bought a new purse and sunglasses (I have been needing new ones for ages).  And I may have bought some slightly unnecessary Easter craft purchases.  But they sure made me smile.

Up:  Q has been randomly and once in awhile attempting to get potty trained.  Once in a while, mind you.

Down:  Potty training is messy business. Messsssy.

Down:  Q has made many various and assorted messes.  Some including peanut butter and others involving trail mix, games, toys, cups, food, scissors, water and etc.

Up:  He is getting pretty good at helping me clean up his messes.

Down:  My house is a mess.

Up:  I have a house.

Up:  The laundry is washed.

Down:  It is heaped into a giant laundry pyramid in the office.  Fortunately I can close the door and pretend it doesn't exist.  Unfortunately, that means I can pretend it doesn't exit...and never fold it.

Up:  I mopped.

Down:  The kids tracked in muddy, dirty footprints and dropped sticky substances and crumbs everywhere directly afterward.

Down:  I've been fighting with the hospital for months and months about a medical bill and even the insurance is on my side, and I just found out that they sent me to collections.  Grrrrr.

Up:  So then I called everyone on the planet involved with the bill and one nice lady finally (and hopefully) figured it out and for once took the time to track down the information and sort it out and told me that I am in fact getting a refund instead of going to collections like they had first informed me.  I am now crossing my fingers that it is truly taken care of because this has been the bill that never dies.  It just keeps popping it's ugly (should be non-existent) head up everywhere and especially when I least expect it. So I am totally looking forward to that refund.


  1. Potty training SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! It makes a normal, sane, kind human being (I'm not saying that I am one, anyway) psychotic!!!

    We've had the same problem with a medical bill. Those freaks!!!!!!

  2. The applesauce sounds interesting. That little guy loves to figure things out--he's going to make millions someday. I'm also ignoring my laundry right now, but mine isn't even washed yet.

  3. I still can't stop laughing about the apple sauce, he is so creative, you've got to give him that! :)


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