Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Story About a Dinosaur (Guest Post)

Today I am happy to have a guest on my blog.

Q is super creative and loves all kinds of food... from straight Ranch Dressing to PB&J's.  He is curious (sometimes to a fault) and can accomplish anything he sets his mind to (like getting into locked doors).  He is a superb artist with a love for working with all kinds of mediums from chalk to watercolor...although crayon will always be his preferred choice.  Q is also a self-proclaimed "Genius".  He can spell his name (as well as his brother's) and knows the sound of every single letter in the alphabet and is this close to reading.  This little man loves to tell stories.  He can spin the tallest tales and tell the longest short stories with varying characters and exciting turns of events.  I thought you might like to hear one of his masterpieces.  The latest and greatest in fact.  Enjoy...


Once upon a time there was a little dinasour named Puzuu.  He was hungry for a little bit of cookie.  He wasn't allowed to go in the road cuz he would get run over, so I holded him and he holded on very fast.  He was safe. I had to buy a little cookie for him, he was berry getting hungry, his tummy was rumbling.  He started eating it and I was getting hungry too so I wanted three hotdogs so I started eating them so then we both comed here and he said he "Who's that?" I said "Me!"  Puzuu colored a line like this, just like this.  And one that he made a table by himself all the way up into the sky and we climbed up the ladder alllll the way and then we fallded but Puzuu didn't break his head open and I didn't either.  So then we went the wrong way.  I went up and he went down and he saw a train and then he didn't and we went back over in a circle and said "Oh sorry!"  Then we went the right way and then after we went into the tunnel we saw a farm and we went inside and said, "Hey this isn't a farm for us, it's a farm for cows and pigs.  Then we jumped on the farm all the way to our house and I was okay climbing down.  I just jumped over the garage and came in.  Me and Puzuu pushed the ding dong and nobody was there.  We tried to look for everybody and we couldn't see anybody so we stayed at the house all by ourselves and we were okay.  And then we went inside the farm again and said, "Where is everybody"? Then Puzuu bumped his head and got a owie so I put a bandaid on it so he will feel better and then he can't be my brother anymore but I found another Puzuu at the jungle.  I went back and saw another one and he was berry hungry for another cookie but it was the same Puzuu.  He feeled better at the jungle.  He way feeled better.  So I didn't want to go to the jungle and see him next time.  He came to my house and said, "What do you want?"  I was making food so he had to be quiet.  I was cooking it.  I was making pizza.  So Puzuu sat at  the table for me.  He is a biiiig helper.  He helped with the dinner and the plates and the napkins, and cleaned up the balls all by himself and he helped clean my bed.  Then we started to run to Walmart to get all this stuff and hurry fast and hurry and run and get into the car all the way home because they couldn't drive the car.  Puzuu and the robot couldn't.  I could.  The robot comed from my friend Phoenix.  Phoenix is giant.  He has yots and yots of arms, he can pick up everything at all.

The End.


  1. That was quite the story! He is such a cutie!

  2. I think it shows a lot about how he views his world with his Mama. Big helpers & setting tables & falling but not getting hurt. That is one happy, safe, & well rounded kid. :)


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