Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eggs, Flashlights and Pistachios

Easter weekend was very nice.  We started out Saturday by dyeing eggs.  Everyone had a grand time, except halfway through, Mr. C decided it was boring and suddenly disappeared to read a book.  Q thought he was in heaven.  Dennis dropped quite a few but no clothes were ruined and my rug stayed clean too, so that's good.


We did some more tie-dyeing of eggs this year, as we've done in years past.  They are always so colorful and fun.

Also, Dad really got into it this year and had me sketch a fly and trout onto two special eggs (as he is a giant and I mean GIANT fly-fishing enthusiast)..  My skills are not stunning, but fun nonetheless.  He was excited to show his fly-fishing comrades.  Really.  The trout is pretty awful...well they both are...but I tried.  Also, Miss B made the cracked "Humpty Dumpty" egg.

We tried to go to the big Eggstravaganza hosted by our city on Saturday morning, however once we arrived and found a four-mile long line, we opted for our own hunt instead.  It was a quiet affair with fried chicken, deviled eggs, a quaint spot of a park, four kids, some candy and lots of sunshine. 

Actually a lot of sunshine...it was pretty toasty.  We were plenty sweaty and pink-cheeked by the time it was all said and done.

We picked up an awesome sock monkey Easter basket for Q because we couldn't pass it up.  We are suckers like that.  Also, this year the Easter bunny hid special golden eggs filled with money, and to cut down even more on all the sugar, a lot of the eggs were filled with pistachios.  I thought that was so clever.

Miss B scored a bubble wand and had a delightful time.  Just her and the bubbles.

Later that evening, we attended our friend's wonderful, amazing, annual, flashlight egg hunt.  She covers the entire gym floor with eggs, toys, books and candy.  Then we turn off the lights and let the kids pile in with their flashlights, headlamps and baskets.  It is a riot. This year Q scored a giant gumball machine.  He and I just walked in, looked down and there it sat, gleaming up at him in the glow of his headlamp.  It was magical.  Also, Dennis got a whoopie cushion...which understandably made him the happiest kid on the block.  Then the kids traded their loot and investigated all their friends' baskets once the lights were all back on...as they love to do.

On Sunday morning, we made Resurrection Rolls for breakfast.  Have you ever tried them?  They are not a new idea by any means, but they are super easy, quite delicious, and they come all wrapped up in a teaching moment.  Perfect.  We like to try and keep Easter Sunday a little more separate from the candy and whatnot...keep it a little special.  So the rolls were a perfect addition this year.  I'm sad I didn't know about them sooner.

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