Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Birds {Phoenix Wedding Photographer}

I had the opportunity to photograph these two love birds for their engagement recently.  They were literally so adorable together.  They couldn't keep their eyes off of each other.  I didn't have to pose them much because they were just naturally sweet together.  

We had to get up super early to take these and it was freeeezing cold.  Freezing.  Which was strange because later in the day it was roasting.  I was wearing sandals and I pretty much lost most of the feeling in my toes in the morning.  And then later I got a sunburn.  What a weird day.

This beautiful bride-to-be is the youngest daughter of one of our great family friends from my growing up years.  I can't believe she's getting married.  So crazy.  Where does time go?  And really... only old people talk about how fast time goes, so I guess I'm old then.  Old old old.  Pretty soon Miss B will be getting engaged.  Aaaaaack.  Never mind.  Pretend I didn't say that.  I am going to make her dig in the dirt and color in a coloring book after school today.  


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the last one with the lips on his cheek, very creative!

  2. Awww. . . that purple tree is stunning. Lou, I need you to do a photo shoot with Jared. I suck at taking his pictures. He'll do great faces, but I always shoot too soon or too late. I don't know how you capture all the perfect poses, places, and faces, but you do it. You OWN it, girl. :)

  3. Beautiful!! I love them all, I really do...I can't pick just one :O) Such a stunningly, stylin' couple!


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