Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Planted Candy Veggies

I splurged the other day.  It's true.  I bought something absolutely unnecessary, but supremely adorable.  You'll never guess what it was.  Silicone cupcake liners in the shape of terracotta pots.  I died.  I bought them thinking of all the many uses.  Then sometime during the night, I decided we would make edible garden cupcakes..."planting" candy veggies, fruits and flowers in honor of spring.  It would be our Easter/spring baking/craft project.

We set right to work after I gathered the supplies.  The kids helped me bake the chocolate cupcakes, frost them and then sprinkle cookie crumb "dirt" on top.   Next we used softened Starbursts to mold tiny fruits and veggies.  It is a tad tricky to create such miniature creations and some of the younger kids got a wee bit frustrated with the process.  They could each make a fantastic carrot though.  When we were finished, we topped them with mini chalkboard signs...and then we ooohed and ahhed and smiled and admired the cuteness.  When my husband got home from work, he asked where I had bought the little fruits/veggies.  He was quite impressed when I told him we made them ourselves with nothing but Starbursts and a toothpick.

Then we ate them. They were delightful.  I had me some peas.

Materials needed:

1 Blooming Cupcakes baking kit with flower pot silicone cupcake liners (found at Target)
1 package crushed chocolate cookies
1 package Starbursts (make sure there is green included)
6 chalkboard garden signs (optional)


  1. What will Lou think of next?? *Sigh* Lou, I want you to be MY mother, and I want to be a kid again. :~S

  2. Those are the CUTEST things I have EVER seen!!!!

  3. Great!!!!!!
    Is it easy to carve those candies how ever you like? I did not see green startburst candies before

    1. Thank you! It isn't too difficult to sculpt the candy with your fingers and use toothpicks for details. We warmed them up a little too to soften them. As for the green candies, we used the tootsie frooties (green apple)! Good luck!!


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