Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About Time

I figured since I'm always throwing themed birthday parties for the kiddies, it was only fair that the hubby finally got one.  And obviously I chose fishing for his birthday theme.  It is his passion, his life.  Admittedly, it was a little difficult to think of party items appropriate for specifically fly-fishing.  

We served gummy worms in chocolate pudding for "nightcrawlers" because he does in fact use worms once in awhile when he's fishing with the kids.  Otherwise though, it is purely sinful to use worms or bait when you are a fly fisherman.  It's pretty much almost illegal to say the words even.  So Miss B and I brainstormed for a bit and finally decided that gummy bugs would be a great representation of flies.  Or close enough.  But where to find gummy bugs.  Gosh.  I looked and looked and online they were just about $2,000 so I decided that was out.  Then I ran across a tiny package of sour gummy bugs at Michaels for $3 and decided it was worth it compared to the $2,000...even if it was a teeny tiny package.  Then later, I scored a big bag of gummy butterflies at Goodwill for a buck (of all the random places).  I found some chocolate river rocks at Walmart on clearance and knew they would be awesome.  They were so life-like...the kids thought they were just shiny rocks and then they thought they were in coolest-candy-heaven when I told them to eat one.  I added multi-colored Swedish fish for "rainbow trout" and goldfish for "minnows".  Giant pretzel rods represented fishing rods and blue French Onion Dip for a lake/water.  I also served fish-shaped Pop Tarts, because those are his official fishing breakfast and Henry Weinhard's root beer as that is his favorite brew of root beer.  I was going to make blue Kool-aid for the kids and then clean forgot.  Oh well.  I always seem to forget at least one thing.

For dinner we ate clam chowder.  And we tried to play Go Fish after, but didn't have an entire deck.  I made fishing cupcakes with a bamboo skewer, some thread and a gummy fish.  I just knotted some thread, sewed the fish right to the string and then tied the other end to the skewer.  And I only did two because it was kind of tedious.  

He said it was fun and that he enjoyed all the gummy goodness.  He also thought it was cool that I took one of the flies he tied and made a silhouette out of it.  So there you have it.  


  1. Lou, I am so jealous of you and your creative bones. You could charge hundreds just to plan and execute such parties for others. This year for Jared's birthday, I shall be requiring your genius. And thou shalt NOT be getting out of it this year. Not, not, NOT! :)

  2. You are just soooo creative! Can you plan my birthday?? :)

  3. Looks like you made him feel like he's at the TOP of the totem pole. Good for you. :)

  4. Way cute!! I love the backdrop! And all the labels are awesome!


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