Friday, May 4, 2012

I Have a Dream

A Fourth of July dream.

It consists of a small town parade and my children dressed all in Americana, waving mini flags and merrily collecting the candy thrown from cheery floats.  A picturesque picnic will follow, complete with themed and patriotic-type food of the red, white and blue variety (a flag cake comes to mind).  Watermelon, root beer and potato salad will be included as well, and they will sit atop a red and white checkered table cloth. There may even be some homemade bark boats floating down a babbling brook.  The whole day will ooze patriotism and family togetherness.  There will obviously be plenty of photo-worthy moments for the taking.  And I will take them because we will be in a picturesque spot and the children will all be dressed in their Fourth of July finery.  Finally, we will ooh and ahh over fireworks and enjoy sparklers together at the close of our wonderfully full holiday.

My dream obviously doesn't take place here because a) we do not live in a small town where small town parades exist and candy is thrown and b) it is 5,000 degrees here in the summer and none of the activities outlined in my fabulous dream would be at all fun in 5,000 degree weather.  Patriotic food would melt.  There are really no picturesque spots in the desert in the dead of the summer.  It's just dirt and cacti.  Any sort of parade-watching would be torturous.  And half of the time, fireworks are cancelled due to fire hazards.


I am on a mission.

I told my family about my dream in January and I am not kidding in any way, shape or form. They laughed and shook their heads, but let it be will happen.  Maybe not all of it, but most of it.  I will have a patriotic holiday.  Mark my words.  I have made up my mind.  It will be fabulous, memorable, color-coordinated and filled with all sorts of themed celebrations.  Just wait and see.  This will be the year.  If I plan now, I think this year...THIS year, I can finally pull of a delightful Americana holiday before my kids are grown and gone.

Anybody else have a particular and very specific goal for the summer?


  1. Oh honey, you need to go to Salina! Everything you described and more. Plus a rodeo at night complete with an awesome fireworks display. :)

  2. Sounds like good ol' Soldotna, Alaska. I highly recommend it there! My kids love getting a huge bag of candy. The other cool thing about it is, every year we go, my kids can decide if they want to be IN the parade or WATCH it. Audrey usually is in it and Mia watches. As far as my goal for the summer. Survive the heat! And then eventually fly up to Alaska with 4 kids by myself without going crazy. Good luck on your dream!!! It sounds fabulous! I love a good parade too!!!

  3. We'll be watching the fireworks over Mt. Rushmore this year! SO excited!!!

  4. We spend the fourth in a similar fashion. At my family reunion in the white mountains. Though not nearly as cool as your dream I look forward to it every year!

  5. Makes me wish it was the Fourth already! And I agree with Amanda, Salina has the best parade and things to do! Maybe we'll go there this year!


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