Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Snake Charmer And Her Charming Brothers

The other evening, while Mr. C was at scouts, the kids and I were outside enjoying the (somewhat) nice weather.  Miss B decided to spend some quality time with Slither and I took some photos.  It about did me in though.  Boy am I ever a girl.  *shudder*  I don't like snakes.  Talk about heebies and jeebies.  She thinks it's the coolest though.  "Look at his muscles, Mom!  He can do amazing things."  Um no thanks.  Not at the moment or probably in the near future.  Put him away and wash all traces.  Quickly now.  What a funny girl. She loves earrings, mascara and... snakes.

The little boys were enjoying some ladder golf (it's a homemade set and the boys don't quite have the strength to push it together nice and tight so it's a little lopsided, but still fun).  Note Q's random outfit.  It is the result of potty training + dressing himself.  Also note his ecstatic face after landing the shot.


  1. Ladder golf. This is something new. What a great game! However, I am with you on the ebbie and the geebie of snakes. YUCK! You may want to get Miss B checked into a special home for evaluation, therapy, and eventual reintegration into society. But this could take time. SERIOUS time. ;~)

    Did you say Q is potty trained?? Congrats!! It is SO EXCITING!!! Jared is now, too! After 8 months of trying, I finally gave up and he ended up just doing it all of his own accord one day. Random!

  2. Go B! Yikes!!! Hope it doesn't escape again!!! :)


  3. Eww! So not a fan of snakes! At least this one is teeny tiny, but still...

  4. Eeek. I can't imagine looking for that thing the other day. How did you dare walk around? lol


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