Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bridals, Blindfolds and Batteries {Phoenix Wedding Photographer}

This beautiful bride really wanted to take first-look photos and so we planned their bridal shoot to accommodate her wishes.  We got her and all of her layers and layers of tulle set up in a prime location and took a few shots while we waited for the groom to arrive.  And then, because of all of the layers and layers of tulle and the effort involved in moving them, we decided we would go about the first-look in a non-conventional way and blindfold the groom.  His future mother-in-law led him carefully to his bride and then... my camera battery decided it would be a fine time to die.  My brand spanking new battery DIED (and I did too a little).  And then it turned on.  And then it died.  And then it turned on for two measly shots.  It was a nightmare.  And because of the breaking down dilemma on my drive up, I was not as put together as I usually am, and had left my regular (trusty) battery at my mother's house.  I managed to get a few shots here and there as it decided to work for a few seconds, and then my sister darted back to grab my lovely, faithful battery.  It was an embarrassing and horrifying moment and the poor groom had to be blindfolded longer than necessary as I waited for my silly battery to decide it would in fact work for a few frames.  He was such a good sport though.  And I am absolutely tickled with the first-look images I caught.  So it turned out okay in the end even if I nearly grew an ulcer.

Also.  We think the bride caught upwards of 3,045 gnats, flies, moths and other such winged pests in all those layers and layers of tulle.


  1. Oh, WOW. I LOVE that bride's dress! It is stunning; especially with the pink flowered band that ties in the back. *sigh* Sorry for all of the stress over the battery. I hope you took it out to a pistol range for target practice after that... >:~(

  2. Erika you are SO good. That sounds like a horrible nightmare at the beginning but These pictures are gorgeous! The bride & groom look great and I swear you bring magic to these pictures. Love it.

  3. hey you amazing pictures and NINja party. Completely gorgeous. Tammi


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