Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Prologue

Well it's official.  The summer craziness has begun.  Trips, reunions and activities are in full swing.  And they will continue until school starts again.  It's funny.  I wait and wait for school to get out and then by the time August hits, I am so excited for things to calm down.  But for now, I'll enjoy the ride and try to keep up.

So far it has been a crazy summer.  Dennis had his 7th birthday party with the most outrageous cake you've ever seen.  I traveled north for a beautiful wedding.  The kids came along to visit with family. We broke down on the way and spent 5 hours in Kingman, AZ (my hubby rescued us), resulting in rescheduling the bridal session and a mad scramble to get them done and printed in time for the reception.  I had a very fun and low-key garden party for a friend (themed around The Help).  I lost my battery charger.  I had our van fixed (it was the flywheel which tells the transmission when to shift...or something like that).  I visited with my sister and family and took wedding photos on a scorching day and lived to tell the tale.  I saw a bride pass out at the temple during her photos.  I tell you it was hot.  It wasn't my bride... but poor thing.  I packed and loaded my four kiddies and drove down to spend a few days in Lake Powell with some of my family and a very wonderful friend.  We swam and hiked and explored and then we loaded, cleaned, packed and I drove back home...arriving at around 12:30 am (after stopping once for a quick nap, as I was completely drained).   Today I've been to the dentist and am trying hard to get back to normal life.  Emails, laundry, catch up, catch up, catch up.... I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it.  But I have so very much to blog about.  Weddings, bridals, our adventure in Kingman, a birthday party, a garden party, and Lake Powell. So stay tuned dear friends.  I hope you are having a delightful summer thus far.

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  1. I loved catching up on your blog! So much adventure in the summer time... can't wait to read your up and coming posts! What gorgeous pics of Seattle! I have never been there- but would love to go. Glad you guys are doing well!


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