Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Will Conquer Over Clutter

I have been on a short leave of absence from the computer.  It's been clutter-induced.  The kids and I have been organizing, de-junking, cleaning, rearranging and sorting like busy little bees (that is if bees organize their clutter).  It's refreshingly hard work that leaves you feeling excited and exhausted (and the kids a bit ornery).  My van is full to the brim of items to donate.  We have collected bags and bags of garbage.  I purchased a fabulous new/used dresser for Mr. C's room and we have shuffled dressers and organized and cleaned.  Miss B's room was like the bottom of my purse times 600.  Bits of paper, wrappers, hair things, half-started craft projects, notebooks, toys, knickknacks and random whatnots filled every last spare corner and crevice.  We tackled that beast yesterday.  Miss B said I was amazing as I tore through all of her drawers, under her bed and behind dressers in record time, leaving her speechless in my wake of cleaning, throwing and arranging.

I am determined to get rid of the STUFF that's overtaking my home.  I am standing firm and taking control.

I will conquer over clutter.  I lay awake at night dreaming of what else I can purge, clean or organize.  The problem is, it may sound like my house is now the picture of organization and simplicity...but alas, it is not.  There is still so much to do and clean and redo after certain rugrats come behind and undo everything I've done.  Plus it feels like I've created a bigger mess by digging into it.  And it seems to grow exponentially, the more I dig.  But I fear it is an ongoing, never-ending process.  I am, however, feeling good about what progress I have made and am determined to stay positive and moving forward in this battle.  The junk will not conquer.  I have stormed the gates and captured back many great rooms and I shall carry forth into the fray of disorganization and chaos.  Wish me luck and a firm resolution.  I shall not be swayed by sentiment or frustration.  Onward!

I'm off to Goodwill and the garbage can.  Goodbye clutter.  Hello home.


  1. Great job! Love a sense of accomplishment keep it up one bag at a time;)

  2. No before or after pics?! Lou! ;~)

    I'm proud of you. This kind of thing IS my thing. Actually, scratch that. It's more of an addiction and I end up throwing things away that I later wish I hadn't. Oh, well. Clutter free is the way to be. Just make sure all the soup can labels are facing forward. ;~)


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