Monday, August 6, 2012

Let the Adventure Begin

The kids are back in school.  It's official.  I really can't believe it because it seems like summer went by in two blinks.  Plus it's still 3,000 degrees here.  Goodness it's hot.  But nevertheless, it is time for school. 

So.  I wanted to make the first day of school special this year and kick it off with a bang.  I was inspired by my good friend Tatum.  Last year she bought SCHOOL letters to be reused every year and to decorate around.  I started thinking of ideas and frankly had too little time and too many ideas and couldn't focus my thoughts.  I had some vague ideas like paper airplanes, maps, and survival with the help of my same good buddy, I came upon an adventure know because learning is an adventure.  I printed off maps for the middle of the table, hung some paper airplanes, and made personalized boarding passes for the start of their big adventure.  I also put together survival kits for each kid.  I really wanted to use tins for the kits, but couldn't pass up the $1 first-aid kits from Walmart since 1) they snap shut 2) they are cheap and  3) they come equipped with survival-type gear (band-aids).  I set the table with some tin camping plates I got for Christmas, cups from the kids' mess kits and blue camping sporks.  I felt they adequately said "adventure".  I served biscuits and gravy with fruit and OJ.  I wanted something that stuck to their ribs for their first day.   They smiled and said, "So that's why you were making paper airplanes last night."

Chapstick to remind you to “stick” to your principles.
Mints to freshen your mind (and breath).
Lifesavers to help those around you.
Pencils to help you keep track of everything.
Change for an emergency (or chocolate milk).
A highlighter to remind you to stay positive.
A wipe to keep you clean and sparkling.
Paperclips to hold it all together.
Band-aids for when things get rough.
A name tag to help you meet new friends.
Erasers to remind you it’s okay to make mistakes.


  1. Oh, that's so perfect! That little kit is precious. I hope they had a good day. (tatum)

  2. I feel like your cuteness should not even be allowed! ha! Seriously, how do you do it all?

  3. WOW, I think you are a super Mom! How do you find the time? I think I'm going to send my kids to your house for the first day of school!

  4. Wow, school is in? Summer has flown by way too quickly. Cute idea for the first day of school. Hope it's a great year.

  5. Awesome! I'm feeling like a slacker this year. We rolled into town last Saturday and started school on a Monday. Not much time for a celebration. I'm still trying to figure out what school clothes they need 1 1/2 weeks later.

    Love this, though! The set-up and the survival kits! Pinning!

  6. you're to cute. i wish i was you. :)

  7. Awh always putting me to shame. Super cute.


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