Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adventures in Lake Powell

I figure I had better post about our JUNE Lake Powell adventures before it's Christmas. 

 Mr C. provided some entertainment one afternoon.  

I was watching some of the younger kids on the dock by the houseboat as we were getting ready to load into the speed boat.  All of a sudden I hear a splash and Dennis remark, "So THAT is why we have to wear life jackets all the time,"  as he stared into the water next to the dock.  I rush over to see Mr. C dangling in the water by a rope tied around his waist.  It would be good to know that a few hours earlier, Papa had been instructing him on ropes and knot-tying.  Anyway.  Come to find out, Mr. C had a rope tied around his waist with a loop at the end (for what reason, I am still not sure).  He then proceeded to walk down the dock and take a flying leap into the speed boat.  Mid-air, the loop at the end of his rope caught the cleat on the dock, abruptly ending his flight and sending him straight into the water.  LUCKILY he didn't slam face-first into the boat or the dock or anything else.  Luckily he just fell harmlessly into the water and luckily the rope wasn't tied around something much more sensitive, such as his neck.  Sheesh.  But after we knew he was perfectly fine, I could not stop laughing.  None of us could.  The image of him gliding through the air, followed by a dramatic change of course, sent me into giggles for the rest of the afternoon.  And then remembering Dennis staring down into the water and calmly remarking on the need for life jackets, just made it even more humorous.  Good thing someone had a camera and that Papa was available to help him out.  I was laughing too hard.


Once we got loaded and wiped away our tears of laughter, the kiddies enjoyed some knee boarding whilst we relaxed in the boat and enjoyed the wind in our faces and the beauty of the red rocks.

We also had a lot of adventures.  We climbed a set of steps carved into the rock.  Most of us went as it was easy enough for even the small kids.

Then the bravest of the bunch (me, my sister, my brother-in-law, my two oldest and my dad) climbed another set of steps...this set being much more difficult, treacherous, and long.  We had to jump from the boat amid heavy waves, stick to the moss-covered rocks without breaking our necks and then climb up to the cave at the top.  We talked Miss B and Mr. C through looking for the safest path, taking it slow, being careful and sticking with the group.  We even had some good discussions on how looking for the steps in the rock was like life and how we should always be looking for the best and most safe path.  It was a great adventure.  And then we had to pick our way back down sheer cliffs, jump in the water and make a swim for the boat as it was too windy to get the boat close enough.  It was AWESOME.

Can you see us?  I added arrows to show our route.  It was mildly treacherous and such a rush to accomplish.

After, we drove to Sand Hill for an exhilarating and challenging climb and wonderful view of the sun setting on the lake.

The final group at the top, minus our friend Cindy who is taking the photo and Dennis who seriously skipped up and flew down like it was nothing at all.  We think since he is such a lightweight, he must not sink into the sand but dance along the top.  Sheesh he was fast.  And it is NOT a walk in the park.  It is extremely steep and full of deep sand.  PS Notice Mr. C's rope still attached...as if he learned nothing.

It wasn't all adventure.  Some of the time we just relaxed on a giant piece of foam while my brother-in-law towed us with a canoe.  Thank you to our very wonderful host for a fabulous, relaxing, old movie-watching, yummy food-eating adventure.


  1. Oh, how I LOVE Lake Powell. Are you and L going to go there with us in May 2013 for an adults only adventure? Please say, YES, Lou!

  2. Okay I am still giggling uncontrollably about the image of Mr. C. flying through the air. Hilarious! Oh man. That is just way too funny!

  3. Wonderful! I love all the pictures and it was a really fun trip! Lake Powell is beautiful!


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