Friday, September 7, 2012

Attack of the Ants

What a fun shoot.  I laughed, they laughed, we all laughed.  It was such fun.  So much energy.  Mr. C came along to help with props and getting the kids' attention.  He is getting to be such a fabulous assistant.  

For one set of photos, Mr. C was crouched behind me in the grass, peeking out and making faces etc. with excellent results.  After a bit of  theatrics and face-making he suddenly jumped up and started screaming.  For awhile I thought it was all part of the act until I saw his red, panic-stricken face and the ants all over his body.  I quickly ran to him and brushed so so many ants off of his shirt and neck as he worked on his arms and legs.  Poor guy.  He was trying to put on a brave face for the little kids but due to his extensive reading (and reading about fatal ant attacks), he was a bit worried about the sheer amount of ants on him and the fact that they were biting.  After a bit we got him settled down and cleaned up and I finished the session.  Phew.  I think we counted 16 bites on one arm alone.

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  1. I love them! Thank you so much Erika. Can't wait to get them all and ahng them up to see everyday. :~)


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