Saturday, September 29, 2012

Barns, Pizza and Pumpkins

After our city tour, we went for the scenic, farmland one for the next two days.  We drove by many beautiful barns (and we stopped so I could take pictures), visited vegetable stands, an apple orchard and pumpkin patches (I bought two adorable white pumpkins and stuffed them in my tennis shoes for the flight home).  We also shopped and browsed at some great little shops.  It was very fine indeed.

We explored the Fabyan Villa which was renovated by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1900s along with its very beautiful grounds.

We also ate ourselves sick.  We had Chicago dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, deep dish pizza,Thai, and all sorts of delightful delectables, including some caramel apple candy corn that we became addicted to.  Oh but they're yummy.  Go try some.

I also took pictures for two families, then packed up, said my goodbyes and headed to Minneapolis for more fun, adventures, food and photo sessions.


  1. Where are the 2 white pumpkins?? Did you wear those shoes on the plane that you had the pumpkins stuffed into? I bet they did the full pat down on you for that one. ;~) LOVE the barns and gourds, Lou.

  2. That white barn is practically perfect in every way! Love the crates of pumpkins!

  3. Man you must have such a great friend to pull off the road and let you take pictures all day long. I'm so glad I posed so well for that shot in from of the house, I'm thinking of becoming a model you know. Anyways all the pics are as Claire is now saying "Dashing" and the pic of my inlaws barn is gorgeous.

  4. PS that windill pic is so cool. I need to go check it out! I super love it. So So glad you came...insert bunches of mush....thanks!!!!


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