Monday, September 24, 2012

Glittery Love

I was working upstairs one day while Q was coloring downstairs.  This conversation followed:

Q:  Don't come down here mom...

Me:  *warning bells going off *  Whyyyy?!

Q:  Don't look!

Me:  *panicking*  Please don't make a mess!

Q:  It's ok.  I'm cleaning it up and I love you!

I ran down quickly to find glitter ALL over the kitchen.  He was trying to wipe it up and vacuum and was worried about it, especially since the mess seemed to grow as he worked.  I pitched in and helped and we finished the mess together.

Later he came to me saying, "Mom, I forgot your love!"  I was understandably perplexed as to what he was referring to while he ran off and brought me a glittery smiley face.  "Here's your love Mom!  I made it for you.  I love you so much!"

How could I get bugged over a little glitter mess when it was for such a good cause?


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