Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Get Candy at a Parade

1.  Look your best.

2.  Smile.

3.  Find a prime location with seating and shade for the older folk.

4.  Wait patiently.  Ideas include playing video games, texting or acting like goofballs.

5.  Wave with vigor and much enthusiasm to outshine the group across the street.

6.  Oooh and Ahhh at appropriate intervals.

7.  Bask in the fruits of your labors.

PS  Funny story.  While waiting for the parade to begin, we sent Mr. C back to my sister's car for a grocery bag to hold all the candy.  She gave him the key and told him where the bag was.  He returned shortly saying that a) her car wasn't locked and b) there was no sign of a grocery bag.  My baffled sister said she would go back with him.  As they walked, he chatted about how she needed to get her key fixed because it didn't work and maybe take it to the dealer and on and on.  Come to find out, he had gotten into the wrong (unlocked) car!  But it had a car seat and toys on the ground so he thought he was in the right one.  After good laughs and some sheepish grins, they realized why the key never worked. 

I just cannot believe that after all these years of zilch in the way of parades...we have now gone to TWO in one year! 


  1. That is a riot! I've done that to my own suburban wondering why another one wouldn't open. haha

    Camels in a parade! How awesome is that?!

  2. What fun! You must have gotten a lot of candy to need a grocery bag! Love the story about C! I'm glad you document all of the funny things your kids do! And the three gals in the beginning are so stylin! When did they start wearing make-up??


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