Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He Doesn't Like Goats

We went to the corn maze again.  Just like last year.  It was super fun.  We tried to go when it was more cool so luckily it was only in the high 80's.  We headed directly into the maze to work our way through it, but as soon as allergies and tired little legs got the better of us, we headed out for more adventures.  Q said at one point..."My legs are so...wanting to have fun."  Apparently he was done with the maze. 

Mr. C was an expert maze navigator.  He ran up and down paths to find if they dead ended or held a clue.  He was very helpful. Miss B is getting old.

I was the designated hold-everything-in-my-purse person.  Oh wait.  I always am.  

We saw a few giant spiders atop the corn stalks.  I took a picture but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  It kind of creeps me out.

Q fed one goat, got slobbered on and decided it was the most nasty thing ever and wandered around disgusted until he could wash his hands.  We also saw a working bee hive, which was awesome.

Towards the end we tried our hands (literally) at the ring-the-bell-if-you're-very-strong game.  Miss B had success with the kiddie one and my dear hubby bribed me to try out the full-size one.  He had of course previously succeeded with his muscly muscles.  I managed to make it to 6 ...but I got my $5 and bought a very tasty carne asada burrito.  Yum.

And I cannot believe Halloween is tomorrow.  WHAT on earth happened to 2012.  Seriously.  I have to touch up a few final costume details.  I decided to redo Q's entire costume yesterday after a costume malfunction at our church Halloween party.  So.  I need to finish that up.  Plus wish me luck in getting everyone in costume, pictures taken and ready for trick-or-treating on time... especially since the kids don't get home from school until 4 pm.  Plus I'll need to think of some quick and easy dinner to throw at them at some point.


  1. I'm with Q. Goats ARE nasty. Happy Halloween!

  2. Ooooh just think if one of those spiders fell on you while you were in the maze. Quiver


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