Friday, October 5, 2012

The Gummi Party

I interrupt this photo tour to document Q's fourth birthday bash.  It was a small affair with just our family.  For months, per his specific request, we have been planning a Gummi Bear party.  My husband bought the kids a DVD set years ago and they all love them.  Q can quote whole episodes practically.  

I planned on woodsy decor with lots of color based on the gummiberries.  I had my dad cut me some wood rounds awhile ago.  I used pompoms from our craft stash to string a gummiberry garland.  I gathered vials with corks from thrift stores for our gummiberry juice.  I ordered vintage Gummi Bear figurines from eBay as his cake topper/gift.  I thought of possible food ideas from the show with the help of the kids.  Grammi Gummi is quite the cook.  She is always coming up with strange dishes so we picked a few of our favorites, including Marble Nut Cookies (they're supposed to be purple), Broccoli Muffins, and Asparagus Pie.  I also included wooden bowls of gummy bears and some gummy berries as well as gobstoppers to represent the colorful gummiberries from the show.  Miss B made tiny cookies in the shapes of bears, leaves and acorns and we added bear-shaped cheese and crackers.   

Q was a riot.  We all filled our plates and sat down to munch on snacks and he popped open his gummiberry juice, guzzled it down and bounced around the house quoting shows and just generally enjoying himself.  If you are not familiar with the show, the bears drink a special juice made from gummiberries that enables them to bounce to great heights and elude their enemies or help their friends.

For our activities, I printed off three sheets of quotes from the movie and everyone had to guess who said what.  It was great.  Then Dennis had set up an obstacle course in the backyard and we all had to bounce our way through it.

For gifts we gave him a giant blueberry gummy bear, the vintage Gummi figures (minus Grammi, who I couldn't find for a decent price), a cardboard tree house representation of Gummi Glen (complete with furniture and The Great Book of Gummi made by Miss B), his very own Gummi Medallion (which he promptly put on and began casting homemade spells), some candy, and a few other items not relating to Gummi Bears.

I found the directions for the tree house on Family Fun.  And boy has he had a blast.  He and Dennis have spent hours playing Gummi Bears, escaping ogres and building elevators (or "elva-gators" as Q calls them).

It turned out so great and was such a fun trip down memory lane.  The theme song has been rattling around in my brain for ages...

Dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly with stories to share. All through the forest, they sing out in chorus, marching along as the song fills the air. Gummi Bears!  Bouncing here and there and everywhere.  High adventure that's beyond compare...We are the Gummi Bears.  We are the Gummi Bears!


  1. You have, once again, outdone yourself, Lou. My talented Lou. :)

  2. Oh, I think that is precious! I hadn't thought about that show for so long. I need to get those for my kids. (Tatum)

  3. I remember that show and remembered more and more as I read your post. So fun. ;)

  4. Your families love of the Gummi Bears was given to my kids...they always sing that song and I think all day I will now have that song in my head. Super cute and super fun. I think I'm going through E withdrawals, I sure miss you and your kids.


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