Monday, November 26, 2012

A Dream Come True

I've always wanted to take pictures with a very awesome vintage vehicle and finally my dream came true.  My friend's hubby has a fabulous red truck and so we drove it to the desert and took some photos.  It was awesome. And so beautifully red.

Two beauties...


  1. Thank you, Thank you for these pictures! We love them all so much and love that your dreams came true! :) You really captured my kids personalities!!

  2. I love these! That desert sure is an awesome backdrop for pictures! My favorite is the lovely gal in the drivers seat of the fabulous red truck! Could be a cover of a travel magazine!

  3. These turned out so great! Jess you look so gorgeous! Cannot believe how big Blade and Navy look! Erika you are amazing as usual! Glad your dreams came true!


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